2nd & 3rd of November 2024
Fearless Wisdom Gathering | Chapter 1

As we begin to flow in a wave of energy as spring surges forth and we leave the winter behind us. Our body, mind and spirit enters into our true power and we find ourselves being unafraid to birth change.

As we continuously move along our paths, willingly or unwillingly, we must be brave in order to Create a deeper humanity and gain a stronger understanding of the Challenges that are involved to allow Change to integrate into our lives. We are evolving and at times we need to reconnect with our soul challenge to give new meaning to our personal journey.

Please join Liz taking you through the three C’s using story work, a specific writing practice to empower you, an embodied movement practice, a guided meditation, and the Mother of Wisdom Mantra to close the circle.


Liz teaches functional embodied Yoga. Rooted in Ashtanga methodology, she offers safe, powerful movement class, guided in breath and devotion for the last 12 years. She studies annually with her teacher, Lucy Crawford Scott, she’s also trained in Rocket Yoga (student of The Yoga People, David Kyle, Ambra Vallo), Yin Yoga & Chakra Methodology (direct lineage of Paul & Suzee Grilley) & Mandala Vinyasa (as created by Dulce Mandala and Shiva Rae).

She’s been studying The Five Wisdom Dakinis and receiving her certifications in Feeding Your Demons at Tara Mandala, with Lama Tsultrim Allione since 2020.

The pandemic unfolded with Liz creating an online portal of mentoring and sharing the teachings to navigate conditions. Now she continues this work. She teaches world wide retreats, online immersions and offers 1:1 sessions for students and teachers alike. She is a Level 3 Enlifted Coach.

Thank you for being here, and sharing your practice with Liz & the Pawo Yoga School.

What people say:
I’ve been running a lot for my upcoming Paris marathon so I was not able to join your online classes, but I resumed doing an old recording voice note from the previous class I attended with you and it was amazing! You are by far the best teacher with the most accurate instructions!
Ally, Age 52
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I LOVED yesterday’s practice. I have not met any other yoga teacher here or online that comes even close to your practice (and I’ve tried a few) and resonates with me the way you do. I want to try and attend more Saturday mornings. I also LOVE the sound of Ibiza. I don’t have the dates yet for my next counselling level starting in September but once I get those I can see if I can squeeze that week in October in without missing too many lessons in college. Keep doing what you’re doing my dear Lizi! You are so amazing and have a true gift. I’m honoured whenever I can take part.
Nadine, Age 50
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I haven’t actually been to the retreats but Liz is one of my favourite teachers and I attended one of her classes weekly for about 3 years before C19. Definitely top quality, I have learned so much, developed and got stronger, and she leads with an infectious enthusiasm and heart which sets me up for the day / week. Highly recommended!
Duncan, Acupuncturist. Age 54, Student of Yoga
★ ★ ★ ★ ★